Quadcopter FX Simulator

Available in appstore and playstore (Coming soon windows PCs and MAC OS X )

Features of version 1.75

Based on real physics Model of Quadcopter

Different types of Cameras

Eye level Camera, First Person View (FPV) Camera, Stabilized Gimbal Camera, Follow Camera

Return to Launch (RTL)

Quad will automatically Return and Land back to its original take-off position. It will Automatically switch on when the Quad goes out of range.

Position Hold

When ON the Quad will try to Hold its position when both control sticks are released.

Course Lock

When ON the Forward, Backward, Left and Right will remain same regardless of orientation of Quad.

Home Lock

When ON the Forward will always be Away from you and Backwards will always be towards you regardless of Quads Orientation.

Heads up Display(HUD)

Displaying real-time Pitch, Roll, Heading, Altitude and Speed.


Various settings such as Control sensitivity, Auto stabilization, Weight, Static/Dynamic Thrust, Drag, PID, Dynamic Wind, Mode 1,2,3,4 etc..

Support For Controllers

Multiple Quad / Scene Selection / Some basic Challenges for Time Pass..

Google cardboard VR

Google cardboard Virtual Reality Support for immersive virtual reality and FPV experience.

Acro / Acro 3d mode

For expert users who love manual flying and performing acrobatics. Yes you can fly upside down also with Acro 3D mode.

Quadcopter FX Simulator

A Quadcopter / Multirotor RC Drone simulator with First Person View (FPV), HUD, Return Home, Course Lock, Home Lock, Camera Gimbal, Acro mode, Acro 3D mode, support for Google Cardboard VR for immersive flying and FPV experience and much more..


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